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BANGKOK 20 January 2019 06:28

noise "wow"kite flying problem

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Anybody else experienced a problem with crazy Thai kite flyers who put up their kites all night with very noisy "wow" strips attached and then go home and leave them making a noise all night?


I love kites, especially with lights at night; but the "wow" sound can be very loud and gets to be like a torture after a while.


Politely asking for the "wow" to be removed has not been well received by some die-hard idiots who claim its necessary as "its a Thai tradition".




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13 minutes ago, MiKT said:

Anybody else experienced a problem with crazy Thai kite flyers

That's a new one on me    "flying the kite" should be quiet IMHO 😄

anyway when the "fliers" go home...maybe the strings "accidentality" break..but probably too late now that you already complained about them as you would be prime suspect 😨


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Not as easy as it seems.


Although  we have had some land in Buri Ram for about 18 years, it is only for the last 3 years that we have been building a small resort and a house here because the new football stadium and race track were built quite near our land.


There is a very large area of open land adjacent to ours (allegedly owned by the family that also built the race track) but this is normally just used as grazing land by local cow farmers.


In the winter months this is ideal kite flying countryside and lots of locals come at different times to fly their kites. Lovely, I love kites and often flew a large army surplus arial flying kite as a child, especially at night with a light on. But the local kites are huge and have long tails and some have strips of bamboo/plastic that vibrate in the wind and make a "wowing" sound. This is why kites are called "wow's" in Thailand.


But the problem here is that one or two BR locals have a lot of kites and one in particular who is (allegedly) an ex policeman who thinks he can do whatever he likes (often driving his pick-up at speed around the local lanes) has for the last 3 years ignored my polite requests to remove the wow strip from his kites and delights in flying them as close to our land as possible all night.


Last year somebody did go out one night and haul in one kite and the wow strip disappeared, but would not want anybody to damage the expensive wire strings that they use for these kites.  


Also, it is incredibly hard to actually locate the strings at night and the area is full of snakes, so its not as easy as it sounds.


I want the family to talk to the local headman, but they think this ex cop has too much influence. I went to talk to him again the other day, but before I could speak he assaulted me and I had to defend myself, then I was surrounded by some adults and kids all chanting "Thailand, Thailand" as if anybody else who lives near is not Thai and it was most unpleasant.


He does not actually live in our village, just comes in sets up his kites and goes home but some of his friends do live here and my family are very reluctant to do anything. I know some locals hate the noise, but TIT nobody will do anything and nobody will call the local cops as they think they are his friends.


Ear plugs help, but it is not a nice situation.


There has been a huge drive to attract overseas tourists and Thai visitors to Buri Ram and some have complained about the kite noise, but some locals just don't care.


We don't have a lot of money for lawyers and anyway that would only alienate more of the villagers. So any "Thai" solutions that come to mind will be gratefully examined.


Yes, extermination has been considered many a noisy night, but swmbo will not hear of it. (pun intended).
























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20 years ago when I moved to the countryside outside of Udon, my gardener flew these kites from our land.  Sometimes two at a time.  I found them extremely peaceful....the sound depending on the direction of the wind.....but I never found it disturbing.  No one ever complained. 


I found the local man who made these kites for our gardener........I took probably 50 or so photos of the process.  He's since died, as has our gardener.  I've long wished someone else in the area would take up the hobby.


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I see a good use for a rather large "Makita"  angle grinder 😄 

just joking hope you recover quickly and fully.


PS maybe fly your own kite that "accidently" crashes into the others...it quite therapeutic.

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I like that idea. but...


there are actually big kite battle festivals somewhere in Thailand (I forget where) and they use glass coated string to cut the opposing kites string. Must look it up. Unfortunately our guy uses steel wire, which adds to the noise.


To answer another post, the noise depends upon the material of the "wow" , the tension it is under and the wind velocity. Our bastard flier's kites are very noisy indeed and can be heard over the TV. When they go on all day and all night it certainly is not peaceful.


We have motorbike/car races that go on all night in the stadium, but they don't bother me the way the kite noise does.

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