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BANGKOK 23 January 2019 20:13

Registering SIM card

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Not sure if this is a new topic, but I am new again here and the SIM card thing is new to me.

Last month, when I was preparing myself to return to L.O.S. I understood that one must register a new phone SIM card in Thailand and that it could be handled at the Sewen store. Last Saturday, the day after I flew in to CNX I duly walked to a 7-11 and asked to buy a SIM and the young lady got one out and tried to do the registration thing but my passport photo it seems is too old to be copied decently ( passport was issued in 2011 in Los Angeles). (Had the same trouble at the airport in Vancouver last Thursday or Friday when the automatic check in machine rejected me so I had to wait and see a human.) 

The girl told me it wouldn't work - to go up the street to another shop..... At a some shop with counters of stuff for sale I saw they had phone accessories and I asked and they sold me SIM card for Bt150 without registering it. Fine.

Now the question is <deleted>? am I in danger of being arrested by the RTP - how would they find out about my offense ?

And, how can I get the thing registered to be legitimate? I will have to get a new passport soon as it is low on blank pages.

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Go to happy dtac official counter. Ask someone where your nearest one is. Or go for another company if you like but happy is the only one with speed boost.


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