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BANGKOK 27 March 2019 01:30

Fishing parks

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Are there any fishing parks around Udon Thani?

I've seen several signs and followed the directions to 3 different ones only to find a run down pond that's closed

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Thank you very much.

Me and my son will be going this weekend

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I have a very good and dear friend who owns and runs the Nong Bua Lamphu Fishing Park, just outside Udon Thani. I have known him personally for donkey's years, and he is a seriously good bloke. He is an expat who still has a home in England which I just happen to live in!


The park is very well thought of by both Thai visitors and foreign tourists, and is reputedly the second best carp fishing park in Thailand (I can't supply the stats right now!). He is working very hard to make it No1.


Check it out:




The guy is called Ian, and he will look after you all day and make sure you have the best time ever with a rod in your hand 🙂

He has overnight accommodation, a restaurant and you'll be brought drinks and eats to the lake.


Tell him I recommended you to him. Who knows, I might get a rebate on all the Yorkshire Gold tea bags I send him!!




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Thanks Phil

Not a bad drive from Udon, so will check it next weekend

My son's excited about going fishing, says he wants to catch a Tuna

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