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BANGKOK 23 January 2019 20:16

Five Africans arrested with fake visas

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Five Africans arrested with fake visas

By Suriya Patathayo 
The Nation




Immigration Bureau chief Pol Lt-General Surachate Hakparn on Wednesday announced the successful arrest of five African men allegedly involved in visa-forging to stay in Thailand.


Surachate also revealed that a Police Senior Sergeant Major at the bureau, whose name was not released, was accused of and reportedly confessed to stamping the forged documents for the suspects in exchange for a payment of Bt5,000 per head. The officer was temporarily dismissed from the force, pending a disciplinary probe and criminal investigation, Surachate said. The police said they would check for more accomplices, including a middleman who brought in the foreigners' documents to receive the forged visas. 


Surachate said the five foreigners arrested over the forged visa were Olawale Raimi, 33, from Nigeria; Jonas Silva, 39, from Guinea-Bissau; Riches Obbonna Onu, 44, from Nigeria; Tshepo Zuma, 37, from South Africa; and Ouattara Ben Ibrahim, 21, from Ivory Coast. 


These five men were among the 12 suspects - found to have been carrying one or two passports with the same photos but with different names and details. The police said they would hunt for the other seven suspects later, Surachate said.


Surachate affirmed that his bureau would coordinate with the Department of Consular Affairs to prevent criminals from entering Thailand, employ technology such as retina and facial scanners, and amend the Immigration Act to cover all aspects to boost the visitor-screening efficiency.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30361919

-- © Copyright The Nation 2019-1-9
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Correct , many of us know who the real criminals are in LOS...3 weeks and not a word about the off duty cop who shot and killed the French man in cold blood viewed by all on CCTV....
Probably nothing else to report .

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11 minutes ago, ratcatcher said:

Surely a crooked Immigration officer can obtain forged visas, which after all are usually only printed on special paper and stuck into passports,  and also forged identification documents for the good African gentlemen.


But embassies / consulates which sell these visas are under the ministry of foreign affairs, i don't really see how somebody in the immigration bureau has access to them (unless of course somebody from the ministry of foreign affairs was involved as well)

And then there is a high chance that it would raise suspicion when they leave Thailand. They would have a visa sticker at the page after their entry stamp to Thailand which was obtained while they were in Thailand, so the chance that this would be discovered is quite high, i doubt they are so dumb.


So i think there is a good chance that all this is actually not about visas, but about extensions, then it would be very interesting what exactly happened.

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