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BANGKOK 19 January 2019 06:49

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15 minutes ago, KittenKong said:

Not easy to see from your photo, but are you sure that it doesn't say 1000g rather than 1000ml?


1000g of dense shampoo could have a volume of only 800ml.


I'm going to check this out KK. My wife says it is 1 litre but she doesn't share my fact-finding enthusiasm in all this. And could be saying anything 'cause she don't use it; or care even. 


I've just checked the mouthwash and some of the water bottles. They are fine. It's just the shampoo. And this container is also used for conditioner; but I don't use that.

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Its used in Thai salons (misses is a hairdresser).


In western world salon grade means its a quality product. In Thailand congratulations you have found the cheapest product available.

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