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BANGKOK 23 January 2019 20:39

Insurgents shoot four volunteers in Pattani

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Insurgents shoot four volunteers in Pattani

By The Nation




Insurgents disguised as army troops gunned down four tambon defence volunteers in Pattani's Yarang district on Thursday at noon and took away their rifles, police said.


Police said the four defence volunteers from Tambon Prachan were guarding Ban Bukoh School in the tambon when the insurgents arrived in army uniforms.


They pretended to be soldiers visiting the post before they opened fire, the authorities said.


The insurgents then took four HK-33 rifles and fled the scene without harming the teachers and students.


They also left road spikes behind to try to slow down the authorities that might try to hunt them, the police said.


The four were identified as Sulaiman Wae-useng, Muhammad Teteng, Abdulloh Saleh and Buaraheng Ji.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30361984

-- © Copyright The Nation 2019-1-10

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Dang,  they have people volunteering to be shot now in South Thailand?   Must be an awful place to live. 🤔

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4 hours ago, RichardColeman said:

Mulslims just doing what muslims do best - as always

Nope insurgents doing what insurgents do best-

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Thai authorities intend to invite separatist group Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN) to the negotiating table in a move to restore peace in the deep South

Thai Chief negotiator and former Fourth Army Region Commander General Udomchai said BRN’s violent stance was not acceptable. Udomchai told the peace facilitator that the Thai government will set guidelines for peace talks. 


Apparently the insurgents aren't interested in Udomchai's guidelines for peace talks.

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