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BANGKOK 21 February 2019 12:41

Medical price control plan looms over private hospitals

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2 hours ago, dickjones2018 said:

the only way to safe this and many other countries from "healthcare" bankrupting countries
is PREVENTION and EDUCATION about what you put in your mouth will effect your health

crappy junk food, pills, specially TYLENOL / PARACETAMOL is one of the most dangerous drugs
and here in Thailand :   ANTIBIOTICS for nothing & everything ...

people feeling beter after 2 days & stopping = making them resistant to antibiotics


did we not read recently that that elite government workers benefits of 5-10% of people with benefits took half of the costs of healthcare... nothing wrong with that picture ?


and that many were abusing the system, milking it to sell those drugs and make 20-30.000 baht on the side with that...

Amen brother. That was a mouthful of TRUTH. Cheers.

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A couple of years ago when my family was visiting my dad had to go to the hospital.  We took him to Bangkok hospital on Koh Samui.  They charged him 5,000 baht to see an internist.  A few days later when visiting my home in Ratchaburi we took him to Bangkok hospital there.  It only cost 500 baht to see an internist there.  So there can be large differences in cost based on the area.

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19 hours ago, pegman said:

Excessive greed should not be allowed to prevail in healthcare. Look how messed up the American system is because of that. Salaries in the $10m's for company executives. 

19 hours ago, Puchaiyank said:

Good for Thailand if they can figure out how to control healthcare costs.   One trip to the hospital in US can lead to bankruptcy... System there is out of control. 

And one very big reason for the US system being so out of control is precisely the government getting involved in healthcare (the other being the absurd litigation problem).


The quote above:

19 hours ago, webfact said:

Dr Aurchat Kanjanapitak, a former president of the Private Hospital Association, said he does not agree with the resolution on controlling the prices of medical services at private facilities, as their patients had the choice of seeking free treatment.

Is exactly right. If I can get free health care, I could avoid the expensive hospitals, meaning only those who can afford to be ripped off will get ripped off. This provides a natural balance, since if the private hospitals get too greedy, they will lose enough business to the free hospitals that they will collapse.


Instead, put the government controls in place, and these private hospitals will be forced to counter with bizarre pricing schemes (for instance, a single Tylenol pill costing $100 in the US), substandard care, shortcuts in safety, etc.

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Perhaps insurance premiums will also stop climbing due to “medical inflation”


i have to say.  Price of surgery in Thailand in a private hospital is now same if not more than a private in Oz. 


I will say though , rooms, beds and care much better here than in Oz but still does not really justify same price

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