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Electric Three Wheel Scooter

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2 minutes ago, SantiSuk said:

Looks splendid Kwaibah! I wonder if they'll take a budget payment plan. Annual down-payments for delivery in 20 years time!!  😁

Very similar to mine, fatter tyres only difference i see, but what about suspension ?

At 60 ks too bloody fast if like mine no suspension, in fact bloody dangerous.

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On 1/28/2019 at 10:44 AM, khwaibah said:

Bought my three wheel electric scooter at Big C Surin a while back about 35K Company that's sell them is L&P Monkey Shop. https://www.facebook.com/lpmonkeyshop/  Info. Street legal no dl of any kind required. You can but I don't take out on the main road. I ride on side roads with no problems. 60kmh is top and I give it a weekly charge. If you contact L&P they well tell you where to buy.



60 kph....I'm astounded !!!

Are you sure about that ?

I checked eveywhere b4 buying this one and 30 k was the max any could do.

Mine looks same as in your pic....Maybe you have better gearing or w/e

I'm envious.

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