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BANGKOK 19 January 2019 19:03

Family alleges foul play in Phuket death of British CEO

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Family alleges foul play in Phuket death of British CEO

By Asaree Thaitrakulpanich, Staff Reporter



Attorney Vincent McOwen holds up a photo of Steven James Granville on Friday at the Crime Suppression Division in Bangkok.


BANGKOK — Nearly six years after police wrote off injuries sustained by a British resort owner as a bike accident, his family came forward Friday to insist it was murder, now that he is dead.


A lawyer representing the family of Steven James Granville filed a complaint at the Technology Crime Suppression Division over the police conclusion that the death was an accident. Vincent McOwen said they were coming forward now as Granville has died after being brain dead over four years in a UK hospital.


Full Story: http://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/crimecourtscalamity/2019/01/11/family-alleges-foul-play-in-phuket-death-of-british-ceo/

-- © Copyright Khaosod English 2019-1-11

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A post in very poor taste has been removed also reply

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Wow- some pretty callous comments above. I am no fan of those involved in the property industry but there's just some pure nasty above- as usual for a Phuket thread very little from PHUKET people about this..


it seems pretty obvious (well to anyone other than the police) that there is more to this case than meets the eye but hey- lets have a dig at a dead guy instead.



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I remember following that story as I live close by there he also did time in jail on remand if my memory serves me right

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Death of British CEO was not bike accident but murder, says family



Image: Sanook


Sanook reported on the long running story of a wealthy British CEO and project developer in Phuket who died in the UK last year. 

Steven James Granville was involved in an 800 million baht scheme to open the Puravarna Resort in 2000.
Advertisements were made around the world in places like Singapore, the UK, Australia and Kong Kong. But investors cried foul and in 2010 Mr Granville was indicted for fraud in Phuket and held in jail for a year.
He was subsequently acquitted but suffered a motorcycle accident on his "big bike" on March 24th 2013.
Karon police ruled it an accident.
Mr Granville suffered head trauma and was repatriated to the UK where he was described as "brain dead" for four years before dying last year. 
Now the family want the case reopened. A lawyer representing the family called Vincent McOwen has appealed to the Thai cops to reopen the case and investigate his former partners for murder. 
Previous stories on the case indicate that at least one partner who also faced fraud charges was an Indian national. 
Source: Sanook
-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-01-12

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51 minutes ago, KnowItAllSMD said:

Meh, you would have to be an absolute moron to invest 800 million baht into a project in Phuket if you were a “legit” businessman. I live in Phuket and have met a lot of stupid rich people since I’ve been here. Most of the people made their money in a shady fashion, through fraud, Forex fraud / forex and bitcoin money laundering schemes, and drugs. Lots of drug lords in Phuket.  Lots of drug lords wanted by the authorities in Australia hiding out in Phuket. 


You have to ask yourself, if you’ve got 1 billion baht sitting around, why on Earth would you invest that money in a third world country? Why wouldn’t you just go to the United States and try to make something work in Hawaii? Yeah, it’s more expensive but it’s also a lot safer.


The reason these guys don’t go to Hawaii and other legit countries is because their money comes from corruption. Thailand could care less how you made your money in the past, hence why so many multi-millionaires and billionaires flock here. I mean, it’s part of the appeal of living in Thailand, knowing that if you have money you can pretty much bribe anyone to do whatever you want.


It’s very rare to see honest businessman show up in Thailand. We have the German billionaire Klaus Heben and British Billionaire Gulu Lalvani here in Phuket. These guys appear to have made their billions in a legit fashion and are doing good work for the Phuket community. But they are a rare breed. Lots of dark money here so it’s not surprising at all when you read stories like this. 

Talking from experience are we?

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