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BANGKOK 18 March 2019 20:45

Buying computer stuff in Bangkok

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I'm one of those who used to enjoy Pantip plaza years ago. I haven't been there recently but I've seen many comments on how its a thing in the past now.

So if I want to browse for computers and related items now should I go to Fortune town? Anywhere else? I want to take a look at some laptops and computer parts, some routers, as well as just being a geek zombie.

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It's true Pantip ain't what it used to be. Don't bother with Palladium down the road, ghost town most of the times I've been.


Fortune is ok I suppose, lot of foot traffic but always seems small compared to Pantip.


If you're ever out Don Mueang way then keep going and before you get to Future Park is Zeer. I find I can always kill a couple of hours there. Big place with not just computer shops. Either side are smaller fashion malls if you're with someone not interested in computers.

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