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BANGKOK 17 February 2019 06:13

Testosterone replacement 42 year old testicle cancer survivor-BKK options please!

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Hello all, I wrote about this about a year ago but can't find my old post.  Basically, when I was 26 I had testicle cancer and had righty removed.  I am now 42 and feel low motivation and am quite irritable.  Depression runs in my family (dad offed himself two years before I was diagnosed) so I am on some antiDs too but.......chemically, I ain't right.  My diet is generally healthy and I have recently started exercising again (only 3 weeks).  I guess I should emphasize that low motivation isn't low labido (which may be the problem as I am a DIY first thing in the morning and before bed-in addition to relations with my girlfriend........she travels a lot for work.......anyways, that motivation isn't gone)...........I don't know what to make out of having low testosterone but still being sexually motivated.


I took a blood test at a doctor and got test results with all kinds of numbers and names of things with which I don't understand other than the Doctor interpreted to me that I was indeed on the threshold of someone who qualified for treatment.  The place I got tested was a clinic for STDs, work permits, valium prescriptions, vaccinations, etc.


My question is?  Where can I get some injections?  Sure, there is Baumrangrad but I only have the Thai -what I think is minimal coverage......(for example I got hernia surgery and didn't have to pay).........how much do these injections or gels cost?  More importantly, how much would it cost for an appropriate assessment as I know estrogen levels etc play a role, so I assume I would need to be tested as I receive treatment due to being  an above 40 year old "baller"......


In a previous post that someone was nice enough to reply to they mentioned replacements called Enanthate which is a 14 day maintenance program and Undecanoate which is a 2-3 month maintenance program......please, let me know if you have any experience with this.........not just benefits but costs with or without insurance.


Also, I don't know how much of this has to do with being a teacher here.  I guess, not just teaching but the monotony of having the same profession day after day.  I taught back home and have had a good run at teaching here and China in some good paying places but the whole system here and the chemical imbalances of depression and low testosterone numbers is getting intolerable to cope with and I feel I need a chemical boost to give my rose colored glasses a new tint.


Any advice would be great as it pertains to the specifics of hormone therapy.


Happy 2562!

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Google MIMS Thailand, join for free and search for testosterone.  From memory there is only one Thai FDA approved, rest are UG labs and technically cant be sold in Thailand.  Its sold in select pharmacies in Pattaya without perscription approx 700bht for 10ml vial. 

Personally I dont recommend using steriods if you still produce testosterone naturally, a side effect is it can accentuate your depressed / down feelings and make you feel worse overall. 


Try no nut Jan, work up to a heavy Squat, deadlift which helps produce testosterone naturally.


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You can see Dr Pimook at BNH on Convent Road, Silom.

Doctors generally do not know an awful lot about TRT but he will give you a shot (ask for 200 to 250mcg) a week. You can also get the blood tests done regularly and they will email you the results for Test and Estradiol (important) 


Better yet to buy your own Testosterone Enanthate from a little shop in the Arab quarter that sells supplements etc. Trustworthy guys, by the way. Black Dragon, the Thai test is 1000 baht for 10 mls, or at least 10 weeks worth. Buy 5ml syringes, 23 and 18 gauge needles (18 to draw the test and 23 to inject into the muscle in thigh, butt or chest) It's much cheaper and you can still go for a blood test every month until you get the balance right.


There are no side effects and even if you are still producing natural Test it will be waaaayyy lower than a 30 yr old. You will almost immediately begin to feel better, less tired, more able to work out and sleep much better and be more dynamic. 

Lots of old wives tales about the dangers but really? women have been getting hrt on the National health service for decades. 


One important factor is that in some men testosterone can convert/aromitise into estradiol (female hormone) and although men need some it should not rise above about 6 to 10 dp. Blood tests will cehck this and if yours is raised you can get a tablet called Aromisin. it's availiable from the same hospital but is expensive (7000 baht per month) so you can buy it for 1500 baht (Thai version) at pharmacies around Nana and the one i mentioned. Good Luck

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Can you give the figures of your testosterone results?


Also (and very important!) - if you are going to go on a testosterone treatment program, it's very important that you go to a clinic that specialises in TRT to establish your baseline testosterone level, as well as estradol and PSA levels.  If you are prescribed TRT, then you need to check these levels every few months with a blood check at the clinic.  This is especially important concerning your PSA level - a raised level could be an indicator of prostate cancer.


Don't go to 'dodgy' pharmacies - you have no idea if your medication is real or fake.  If you attend a TRT clinic, then you can obtain a legal prescription to buy testosterone from a reputable pharmacy.  I self-inject twice a week and use Enanthate that's imported from Rotexmedica GmbH in Germany.  It's very cheap to buy.

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Can you post up your blood test results please.


TRT is usually either Nebido - Testosterone Undecanoate, 4ml/1000mg every 12 weeks.


Testosterone Enanthate, the normal/therapeutic dose is 1ml/250mg every 14 days.


But, before having any Testosterone injections you must have a full hormone blood test.


This is:


Testosterone ( free & total) which shows the amount of hormone circulating in your body.


E2 - Estradiol.




Read this:




Specifically this part:


Thresholds for testosterone therapy (halfway down the above page in link.




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You need to explain  "I only have the Thai -what I think is minimal coverage" bit.  Do you mean you are covered under Social Security through your job?


If so you are covered for everything, but only at one specific hospital so please indicate which hospital you are registered at under Social Security.


If you are referring instead to some sort of private health insurance policy please give the details.


It is possible you can get treated at no cost, but I need to know the details of your cover.

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Thanks everyone for the comments!  Yes, I have the social security ........I believe......I switched jobs 5 months ago.  Previous job I had it for 3 years (social security as well as another because was working at a government uni).  When I left I inquired about continuing my payment but took awhile to get an answer and was finally told to go to an office in PathumThani to see about continuing payments........never bothered with the beauracracy 


I will ask the doctor for the results of the test I took a few months ago.


Thanks again for the advice as I continue to look intuit more.

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You need to know if you have Social Security!!!! Are the payments being deducted from your salary each month? It has happened that employers (wrongly) failed to enrol foreigners thinking (wrongly) that this was only for thais.

And, assuming you have it, you need to know at which hospital you are registered. And if it us not a good one, take the i itiative to change it which you can do until March.

Not doing these things -- like letting it drop between jobs -- could literally cost you millions of baht should you be in an accident, have a heart attack or stroke etc etc. Maybe even your life if refused or delayed treatment at a hospital due to inability to pay. And that does happen.

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