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BANGKOK 19 January 2019 07:08
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Trump touts plan to change visas for skilled foreign workers

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On 1/12/2019 at 11:35 AM, Scott said:

In the distant past, I worked with visa processing.   I know that the wait time varies with the type of petition filed and the country of origin.  


Melania most likely sponsored her parents with a IR-5 -- that's an Immediate Relative, category 5.   I believe you can pay extra for expediting the visa.    There are limits on the number of people allowed in this category and once the quota is filled, then there is a wait time.  


Chain migration gets a bad wrap because it allows the bringing of immediate family as not limited by numbers -- Immediate family are first, spouse, second unmarried children, under 21; next are orphans either adopted or who will be adopted, and last is parents of a US citizen.    After that category, the time for further relatives, such as married children and spouses, siblings etc. gets to be longer and a little more complicated.   There are limits on the number admitted each year in those categories.  


In almost all of the immigrant visa's documents of financial support are required.   This puts serious restrictions on how many family most people can bring over.   You have to start being pretty wealthy to bring many people.   You are responsible for their financial care and they are restricted from public welfare and other benefits.  


The biggest problem when I was working in the area was with the financial support.   A lot of new immigrants simply didn't have  well paying job that allowed for much if any family to join.   Those documents are scrutinized carefully and must be backed up with W-2 forms and tax returns (oh, and the tax return had to be certified by the IRS, which meant the applicant had to get the IRS to send the copies of the tax returns filed).  


I don't know what is to be gained by major changes to this portion of the program.   Most of the categories can be controlled by limits set on the total number allowed to enter the US.  


So if I understand your point correctly..


If you are rich and can pay, chain migration is Ok, but if not rich vilified??


A lot of us on here have brought wives, ie 1st preference immigrants, to the US. Totally understand the affidavit of support thing. and agree with it. Nobody should come to the US expecting a free lunch.


What I do have a problem with however, is the hypocrisy of a politician vilifying chain migration, when his own wife as an immigrant brought her parents to the US.


Thats just wrong!

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