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Rob Jacobson

Building in Surin

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Hi Folks,


this is my first post so please excuse me if it’s it the wrong place. I’ve been following others adventures and insights for some time.


Tukta (my Thai wife) and I have been married for 7 years, we both reside in Australia but travel to Bangkok, Phuket and Surin every few months. 


We recently engaged aged a builder from Ubon to build what we thought would be a nice home for us in Krasang. The project has been disastrous. We have had drunk builders, poor workmanship and been left with a mess. There is barely a straight wall in the building, the foundations are too small, the vertical piers to support the roof are the same. Lots of sorrys but the result is a lot of money paid for an extremely poor result.


we have provided many opportunities to undertake rectification work but the builder is not interested. So we consider we may have to try legal action to firstly force the builder to do what they have been paid to do, or secondly be compensated for the cost of having another builder rectify the house. We paid 2.1 M Baht for the project


So our questions are,


has as anyone had similar experiences?


can anyone recommend a solicitor in the Surin area?




Rob & Tukta










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sorry to hear about your bad builder. i can't recommend a lawyer but there was an earlier thread that recommended IssanLawyers in Korat:



Maybe also try Buriram for a lawyer. Krasang is actually in Buriram province, though you are probably closer to Surin City than Buriram City.


My own personal opinion is if the builder hasn't built it to the specs in the plan then maybe you have a chance, otherwise you have Buckley's chance of getting compo. But certainly worth a try. Unless the company puts another team in, do you really want to force a shoddy builder to fix his shoddy work with more shoddy work!!


Also I may be a little paranoid but the defamation laws are strict in Thailand, so you may want to ask a mod to remove the photo of the business card.


Good luck and please keep us informed on how you get on.



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Looks like we may be making some progress. Discussions with a local lawyer recommended by another post has had an encouraging result. Apparently there has been an increase in complaints similar to ours where the builder has subcontracted all of the work to unqualified workers. Their advise is that the courts have returned favourable results for customers whereby the rectification work has been ordered by the court. 

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Rob:  Please post follow up to your rectification work.  You might consider investing in a home owners insurance policy. It might prove helpful when you have roof leaks.  Really check the coverage on a real home owners policy regarding broken water pipes and leaking roofs. Not just liability if someone breaks their hip and needs a hip replacement in your home. 

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