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BANGKOK 16 February 2019 07:55

Some questions about Moscow transportation

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Hey guys,

We got scheduled on flight to Moscow and arrive at  Sheremetyevo airport.

while the other group of guys will arrive later than us at Domodedovo airport,

As per the plan, we'll travel to wait the other guys at Domodedovo, then we go together to the hotel,

my question, what are the options to get from our airport to the other airport?

I never been there before, as well the 3 guys in my team,

any recommendation? or maybe some Russian friends in this forum will appreciate your advise regardless to be Russian or any 🙂

Will appreciate a quick response, the flight is tomorrow night and will arrive there on Monday morning!



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This of course is not the best forum to ask this Q. Try TA=tripadvisor, probably the answer is already there.

In short: these 2 are quite opposite from centre-town, DOm has a electric TRAIN (=NOT metro) link, I think from Sher you first have to take bus/taxi to metro stop most out of town. Think of roughly to travel between land at Gatwick and travel to Luton if you know London, so short: makes no sense really, unless those ''mateys'' to pick up are complete analfabetics. How much time is the difference between the 2 arrivals? If its less as 3 hrs, it makes no sense-you wont make it. There are on www extensive advice about how to get into town from both airports, so simply instruct the other party and make up to meet centre town- which even is also huge in Mockba.

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