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1 hour ago, Farangwithaplan said:

You can also achieve bokeh or out of focus background with telephotos and a large distance between your subject and the background. This gives a different feel and compression of the image.


The shot is candid and as some have said, the light and shadows are harsh, but I am okay with that in a candid image as long as the subject shows expression - and that child does. I would crop that image. I am not a big fan of including a lot of background just because it is out of focus unless it adds.


You backgrounds don't add to this image. I would crop the left side to the back of the head of the child and maybe even crop some of the head. I would lose as much of the right hand side as I could. I would make it very much portrait and even lose some of the space above the head.


By cropping, you let the child's expression guide you as to what you think is in her surroundings. That is what I like about candid and street photos.


Keep doing what you do and enjoy it.




All that needed to be said about the image is in this post.



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Hello everyone!

This will be my first post here! I have looked around for some good places to share my photos, and I think I have found just the place! As a Half Thai Half American(Father is  Thai:Mother is American) I never really fit in anywhere. And it only gets worse because I'm homeschooled! However, I'll making the best of it. Thanks to the internet I am able to learn everything I could want to learn, and even the things I don't want to learn. Which makes me almost completely self taught except for photography, which was taught to me by my older brother who worked as a photographer for Compassion(A NGO in Ching Mai). 

Please be gentle but true when rating my photos! Even though my ego would love to be praised, I want to learn how to become better at my craft, and I know the only way to get better is to learn from your mistakes!


The photo below is one I took at our local school on Children's day. We got some balloons and playdough and gave it out as a present! 

I was taken on a Canon 760 with a 25mm lens at f/4 Iso 100 and SS 1/1250s




I like your photos



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On 1/12/2019 at 11:36 PM, LSuwaratana said:

Canon 760

APS-C ( x 1,6 ) ;

so for portraiture the best lenses are between 80 and 120 mm ( for a full frame );

but with your APS-C camera you have to buy a 50 mm to a 75 mm and an aperture as big as possible ( f/1,4 or f/1,7 ) to have a great bokey ;

you can find better than f/1,4 but f/0,95 or f/1,0 or  f/1,2  are  expensives lenses and f/1,4 or f/1,7 is enough  and you will have a beautiful bokey ;

and use also a speed not less than 1/100* for a 50 mm ; and 1/200* for a 75 mm to avoid the blur of moving

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