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Printers for Samsung tablets

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    Can anybody recommend a reliable, not too expensive printer that can be used with Samsung tablets, that is available in Thailand. ( Lazada would be good as i am in Nakhon Phanom province)


Also can they only be used with wifi, or is one using mobile data possible.


                Many thanks

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I've never heard of a printer with a mobile data connection. The problem being that to print that way would require opening ports and could be a security issue.


You can certainly print to (fairly recent) Samsung printers from Samsung tablets via wifi, and most other big printer names also seem to have Android apps/drivers that can be installed to allow you to print from an Android tablet or phone.


So more to the point to work out whether you want laser or inkjet, and with or without third party ink tanks.

The major cost of nearly all printers is the cost of official replacement ink/toner rather than the initial purchase cost. So to save money you should look for one that can use tanks or refilled toner cartridges.

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