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Call costs to Thailand 1800 numbers

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Looking at wiki, it states: "1800-xxx-xxx Toll-free numbers (from landlines only)"

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telephone_numbers_in_Thailand#Non-geographical_short_codes_and_special_numbers


Last night my wife had reason to make a call to Apple Support (using her AIS mobile) to a 1800 number. Initially she thought it would be a reasonably short call, but ended up well over an hour.

Afterwards she checked the cost using the service code, and it claimed the previous call was not charged.

Worried there might be a mistake somewhere, she called AIS Support. My wife gave them the 1800 number and asked if there was a cost.

AIS told her the number was routed to Singapore and the called party (Apple) was billed for the entire cost.


Does that mean 1800 numbers called from a mobile are now not charged to the caller, or is it perhaps on a number-by-number basis?


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