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BANGKOK 19 January 2019 10:51

The Blame Game

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If you peruse the news forum you will notice that when it comes to recent car accidents for example it seems the driver is never at fault.

"rain to blame"  "tourists to blame" "bad signage to blame"


Is it a case of self preservation of ones integrity to apportion blame or are we afraid to hold our hands up?


my wife has even called me out several times for not admitting something was very likely my fault and it angers her too when I automatically make an excuse to divert blame elsewhere.


wouldn't it be nice to hear or read


"driver admits he was drunk"

"my fault totally, I wasn't paying attention"

"ok, I should have explained what I wanted a bit clearer"

"sorry, I knew the gas bottle had a leak, but forgot to sort it"

"I was inpatient and really should have used a condom"


did you see the traffic yesterday at Robinsons....I blame the PEA for moving electric pylons...on childrens day of all days!

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The electric pylon in front of Robinsons actually "fell over" so I blame the PEA for not installing it properly in the first place !!!

For a nation built on a religion which is based on cause and effect, I find it astounding that they haven't yet grasped this basic tenet.


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I was once soundly reprimanded by an insurance company because I admitted fault in an accident. My car picked up speed on a steep downhill ice covered road and I hit the guy coming up despite he moved right over into the grass verge. he was totally innocent and I said so and then got severe criticism. So I cant do it again.


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