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BANGKOK 21 February 2019 03:13

Are complaints about subcompetent doctors at private hospitals ignored?

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Depends on the hospital but typically, most hospital complaints are not addressed and dealt with in the country.

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Well, how about a fax? Or a lawsuit?


I have a very grim view of a leading hospital in Bangkok, favoured by Arabs.


- Pulmonary embolism. The ambulance dropped me off at a government hospital, where idiotic x-rays were taken (instead of ultra sound). Many times, just keep repeating this... 


Then they said "we cannot help him" and my wife chose a top hospital. That hospital sent an ambulance. In the ambulance, I told the young doctor that I have had a thrombosis and then pulmonary embolism.


Instead of taking action, I was left near the entrance for many hours. Then more hours of waiti at ICU, until the big boss doctor showed up. Then it took just minutes to reveal a heart deformation and do the blood works with the related crazy high reading. 


Day 2, a private room resembling a hotel room.


Help with renewing my VISA waiver.


Follow up checks, costing thousands each time. The 2 nights cost over 200,000 THB. 


The doctor was bloody rude, so I complained. They had letter boxes for complaints. Never heard back (surprise)! 


In my home country, assistants will do the work, starting immediately. When they encounter issues, they will get some experienced doctor involved.

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In a real emergency it is always best to go to the ER of a top government hospital (,e.g. Chula, Siriraj).

For any issues re care should do as I previously advised:

Letter to hospital director with cc to Medical Council and the NGO mentioned. Find out the actual name of the Director and send it by courier with signature required. Never send a general "to whom it concerns" letter to a hospital It will be read by a low level employee who will immediately discard it rather than risk "upsetting" their bosses.

Compensation is possible only if real harm resulted and will be limited to at best actual expenses incurred. No punitive damages. Nothing for pain and suffering. Not like in some western countries.

I do know cases where people have successfully gotten settlements from private hospitals here but these were really egregious cases with demonstrable serious harm resulting.

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