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BANGKOK 19 January 2019 11:58

Cambodia PM says EU holding country 'hostage' with tariff threats

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Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen blasted the European Union on Saturday for holding the country "hostage" with threats to axe trade preferences after it held elections with no credible opposition. The EU threatened in October to withdrawal the duty-free Everything But Arms scheme (EBA), which benefits exports from Cambodia's garment and footwear sector, the largest formal employer.


The multi-billion dollar sector employs hundreds of thousands of labourers and is seen as one of the 66-year-old's few vulnerable positions in a country he has run for nearly 34 years by building up vast patronage networks. In recent months he has requested pardons for activists and eased up on the crippled opposition, which was banned in a Supreme Court ruling ahead of the July vote swept by Hun Sen's ruling Cambodian People's Party.


The moves were seen as concessions to avoid any loss of the trade preferences but Hun Sen has baulked at the idea of his hand being forced, and said so in his most direct comments on the issue yet in a meeting with former Irish prime minister Enda Kenny in Phnom Penh.


read more https://finance.yahoo.com/news/cambodia-pm-says-eu-holding-country-hostage-tariff-081912467--finance.html

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Yes, how dare the EU and any other democratic nation, state or group dare to comment on his dictatorship and rigged election? And threaten action too. 


For "patronage networks" read kleptocracy. Just like his eternal close friend was trying to set up in Thailand.

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Never mind, you have sold your country, your people & their jobs to the Chinese anyway.

And if some of you Farangs are complaining about not being able to work or buy property in Thailand have a look at Cambodia's model & cry, Even the houseboys are Chinese imports now

working in Chinese owned hotels as they sold passports to them for  $100 US.

It's criminal what some people in high places will do for a dollar

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9 hours ago, geovalin said:

holding the country "hostage"

What is the word for irony in Khmer ?  Most Cambodians would love to be held hostage by most anyone other than Hun Sen.  He just needs to go.   

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