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BANGKOK 19 January 2019 12:00

Trading GBP coins(2017 old 1 pound)

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Hello there folks.

Was wondering if anyone is interested in trading old british pound coins? They have been removed from the system but are still tradable at the london world bank. I have 29pounds of 1 pounds coins and 6 pound of 2 pound coins(2 pounds are still valid) the return price is 1450baht approx. Iam willing to trade them for 900baht

You will still make more once you do trade them in at the world bank which would total around 1100baht worth. Iam staying in Chiang Mai, anyone interested please let me know, Cheers.


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13 hours ago, blackcab said:

What is the world bank and where would someone find it?

I suspect that he means the Bank of England - in which case he is imparting fake news according to this article:-




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So it seems that if anyone takes the OP up on his offer, you will need UK bank account to deposit the coins into, or you need to exchange them with someone that has such an account.


I would draw your further attention to the fact that part of the reason the round one pound coins were withdrawn was the prevalence of counterfeits. You can search online for ways to spot counterfeit round one pound coins.

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@Sato101 Please do not cross post more than one copy of the same message in different forums. Your duplicate post has been removed. If you would like this post moved to another forum, please press the report button on your initial post and request the post be moved.

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