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BANGKOK 19 January 2019 11:58

Rehome Dutch shepards

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A long shot....


Recently there have been three Dutch Shepards dumped at our place. They where neglected, full with worms, and ticks. probably no vaccinations. They are now clean and healthy. I am looking to rehome a boy and a girl, brother and sister.


They are strong and agressive. But once used to the owner they will do everything for him/her. 


You should have (some) experience with dogs. They are also not well trained/educated by the previous owner. They can walk on the leash, and know basic commands like "sit", "here", "lay down"  


A new owner should not have other pets, and a fenced garden. Better no small children. They are doing quite well now at our place, but have to spend their time always caged. When I can find a better place for them, then I am happy to give them away.





WhatsApp Image 2018-12-20 at 19.51.16.jpeg

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