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Koh Samui cost of living.

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In addition to the little off topic debate about tourists...

The news-feed today has an article about 2018 incoming foreign tourists to Thailand, which number is up more than 6 percent from 35.6 million in 2017 to 38 million in 2018.

However, what might be more interesting is the split into numbers of foreign tourists from various countries...


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My son 7 years is sick and I asked him to if he's OK for school tomorrow. 

He offered me 20 baht to not go, he's born Samui.



He read my post and said 20 baht is Okay. 😛

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Seem like Samui is not the only destination, where the tourist accommodation business complains, even the number of arrivals is up...


...Citing the number’s co-organiser of the event C9 Hotelworks Bill Barnett expressed concern that while airlift numbers remain positive, the massive impact of unlicensed accommodation on the Thai hotel sector was adding to the supply demand equation.


Bill said, “While many hotel owners are asking where have all the tourist arrivals gone, in many cases the answer is they are staying in a condo or villa that does not have to comply with the same regulations that hotels are required to and this grey sector is adding to this year’s tourism challenges.”

Full story:


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