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Fence construction prices have increased so is this price near the mark

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Hi all,

I'm building a 120 meter perimeter fence around the boundary as shown in the pic below.

1800 baht / meter,  approx 1.6m height , 500mm in ground .... and just working on getting 2 x 4.0m gates thrown in for that price and each posts/columns will have a fancy widened concrete top say 100mm


Prices use to be 1500-1600 ... but that was 5 yrs ago ....  so does this price sound reasonable ?

has anyone had a fence built recently ?




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Find out the cost of 1 meter for the materials, then you will know if the cost for labor is reasonable or not.


1800 a meter sounds high


Also if that fence is steel, it will be rusting in no time

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On 1/20/2019 at 7:38 AM, youreavinalaff said:

We recently had some similar work done. The price you have been quoted is fair without the gates being included. The gate are likely to be the most expensive part. If made from steel, and properly treated with and oxide paint, they will last for a very long time.


I would be inclined to find out the price of the gates too and try to get a package price.



Yeah right ....  so now we may see if the builder will include the two gates ( 1x4m 1x4.5m )

but he might be reluctant to do so ,  I'll just have to see.

Gates are probably 15,000 - 20,000 baht I would expect. tks.

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