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BANGKOK 16 February 2019 15:23

Have you tried Jucing to loose weight

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1 hour ago, dontoearth said:

    I always like to look at the footnotes and sources.  If they don't have that I move on when I am seeking definite factual advice.

    You might add lemon or lime to your water.  Have some teas without sweeteners.  I find just water gets a bit dull.  I have coffee nothing in it.  Drink it black.  I have various teas and drink them all with nothing in the cup but the water and tea.  

    If I were in Thailand I would have a fresh on the street coconut water.  I miss that.

    My 2018 was the same.  Returning to the states to take care of elderly relatives is a bummer and it really undid lots of my progress.  I don't see any chance to get back on the programs I did in the near future.  I am just trying to maintain.  That is more difficult than making progress actually.

The stuff i read at the website has footnotes, without it its worthless like you said.


The coconut water still has quite a bit of calories in them. But i know what you mean. My 2018 was just bad.. actually the first bad time I had in many years of training. So I will just have to exercise again and get it back. Exercise is not really the problem. Right now diet is good too so not a problem either 


One part that did bore me was that i was at a point before where i could not make any more progress. Now at least i got something to work towards. I also know it will take about two more months to be back to a level that i like. So that is not to bad.


You r right that maintaining is hard.. its less fun then making progress.


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