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Hi: I've been reading Thai Visa for a long time learned a lot from the guys out there about life in Thailand.

I never really had anything to input so i just kept quiet. been living center city Bangkok for about 5 years.

So this is my first question: I've been having problems with my lower pluming. Looking into getting a Colonoscopy.

Has anybody had this done lately and your thoughts about the service & price and would you recommend the Hospital?

I've had some dealings with Bumrungrad & Sukhumvit Hospitals and no problems



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I'm a big fan of Bangkok Christian.


It is more about the right doctor than the right hospital.

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As above, it is the doctor that matters.

If it is a likely colorectal issue Prof. Chucheep is best and can be seen at either Bangkok Christian (Mondays 1 pm) ir Bumrungrad Thursday afternoon/evening.

BCH will cost less than Bumrungrad.

You can find his CV on the Bumrungrad website.

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