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Handcuffed, drugged with ketamine: Truth behind Thai cave rescue

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As usual and as governments do, the public only got to know on a need to know bases,, where the truth is entirely

up to the discretion of those in the truth and half truth department.. 

Parents of the trapped Thai cave boys were told their boys were being taught to swim to freedom, but really they were handcuffed and drugged.



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Pray tell us what the  difference may  be (if any) concerning the  presumed actions in the O P compared to the administration of Morphine or  any other  pain  relieving agent or the induction of a medical coma to assist  both patient rescue and recovery ?


Question to the O P. 


Do you take medication or alcohol or any other stimulants that are freely available to relieve suffering and, or anxiety when feeling unwell or depressed ?

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Actually the story is about the parents being told something different to the actual procedure to get them out, but that would be understandable. Is the OP suggesting that the parents should have been fully briefed prior to the action?

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