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Video: "Ungrateful son" who raped his own mother taken down in Chiang Mai


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Thailand and its showboating Police, anything to get out the AK's and avoid any strenuous productive work...looks 100lbs soaking wet and drunk as a Monk......Stand down boys...

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8 hours ago, neeray said:

You make a rather strange point here ( "He did serve time though"). Sure he served time for killing his step father. The question is, how much time; apparently not enough !

Or, more than his brain could handle


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3 hours ago, Just Weird said:

Some Thaivisa posters work in even stranger ways.  No smokers, no mushroom pickers and no fish feeders have been sentenced to 12 months jail.  None.

Some Thai visa members have just weird powers of reading coherent sentences.

I specifically said "beach smokers, mushroom pickers and fish feeders could attract up to 12 months jail". I purposely didn't say they had been sentenced to jail.

But there is always some goldfish that is willing to take the bait.

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6 minutes ago, sanemax said:

He probably served his sentence and then got released ?

31 and already released out on a murder rap...


How long could he have possibly served for MURDER?


Under the circumstances, almost certainly a whole lot less than he deserved....


But maybe he got released early for "good behavior," yes, very good behavior in prison, so he could get out and proceed to rape his mother.



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He looks a lot older than 31 
Raping your mother makes you look older . . . . Strange comment.

I cannot believe the horror stories here. Known murderers who go unprosecuted and murder again (the killer from Phrae a few months ago), clearly unhinged murderers released without treatment or supervision. Are we somehow surprised the man who killed his stepfather then raped his mother?
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Just making light of it Sanemax - someone else appears to have looked up the sentence, saying it was reduced to five years. Sentences can be ridiculously light here.

Eh, that isnt what I said .
He looks a lot older than 31 in the photo , looks more like 51
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