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BANGKOK 24 February 2019 05:49

Video: "So what?": Remarkable conversation as huge truck goes the wrong way

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That stretch of road through Saraburi is a free for all anything go's on it never see police there the traffic into those cement plants go any where they want 

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39 minutes ago, metisdead said:

Now that it is on social media, hopefully the police will find him and pile a big fine on him. 

Yes, but not until there's a few thousand likes on FB.

I see in the photo the truck's number plate is very clear, although too small to read the province name - so there's no more than 76 vehicles going to have that registration.

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2 hours ago, fruitman said:

Yesterday in Singapore i walked on the sidewalk (full of trash bins) and there came a cyclist against traffic while another cyclist passed me in the right way.


The one going the right way spread his arms to block the wrong one and shaked his head to let him know he was doing very wrong. 

But i also saw several cyclists and motocycles driving on the sidewalk...i bet there's a huge fine for that in Singapore (which won't stop them doing it).

Actually in Singapore, you are allowed to cycle on the pathways downtown. I have done it. Provided you behave accordingly and avoid people and cycle slowly. No motorbikes allowed on pathways though.

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