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Driving slowly in high-speed lane to soon become a punishable offence


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Yet more BS spin...


What happened to the six only persons in the back of a pickup flat bed?


Wearing helmets...


Will the RTP do thier job?


This is Thailand, BS Money Corruption Indoctrination Slavery, where do I stop, are far more important.


Nothing will be implemented.


All for show. No action.

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Hope new Law will include Slow moving Military Vehicles, Coach Convoys and Police escorted VIP car's>
Because it's very dangerous having to overtake a Military convoy on the left Trucks usually own the left lane and middle lane so the only way around is hard shoulder.

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question:  If the speed limit is 100kph and I am doing 100kph then how can someone overtake me without breaking the law?

This is a question that you should not receive an answer to but there are always those who have an excuse for their entitled behaviour.

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