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BANGKOK 17 February 2019 12:37

Double cut! Teachers shear student's lovely long hair AND cut grades of her friend who filmed it

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Might be a problem or definately short changed with their 9 inch measurement also. But that may be best reserved for another topic later in life 

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11 minutes ago, Pilotman said:

One of our Thai Nephews is a village teacher.  He is a serious and dedicated young man and I know that he treats the children well and is liked and respected by his students.  However, after Military service, he trained as an electrician and then took up teaching.  Zero teacher training for him and zero checks done on his competence to teach.  I do like the lad,  but his level of pure knowledge and awareness of the outside world is minimal to say the least.  That says everything  that needs to be said about the education system here.  

So you've sat in on his village classroom and watched him teach?

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11 minutes ago, mania said:

The teacher had one simple option, suspend the student till rule is met.

Send her home & tell her she cannot return till she cuts her hair


But no,

Instead the teacher<sic> took it upon herself to lay her hands on a student & alter her hair.

These are teachers?


That aside must be an age related rule as you see other girls walking in that picture with pony tails/long hair

After they finish M3 girls are allowed to grow their hair longer.  Although I too, thought that this rule was revoked a couple of years ago!

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4 minutes ago, cornishcarlos said:

the teacher is trying to measure the hair horizontally 🙂

But isn't that near enough? . . . this is Thailand. And can you send me a recipe for that pastie when you've a min?

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