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Swiss man accused of theft and overstaying visa faces deportation


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1 hour ago, Elkski said:

So no year jail term before trial? Just black list and send him to his home Countrt do he can steal more? 

Try as I might I cant find one iota of logic or sense in your questions, albeit they may have been rhetorical.... Maybe I haven't drunk enough yet.


How can there possibly be a jail term until there has actually been a trial???

From the article:


"Cotting faces charges of theft and overstaying his visa and will be prosecuted and deported, immigration authorities said"


He is proven to be on overstay already so he will for the time being be held in custody for that at least.  As a result of overstay he will have a big fine - or do time in jail in lieu.

On the theft charges if found guilty, which as there is CCTV evidence seems highly likely, he will incur either another fine or a jail term.

When that is all wrapped up he will be deported back to the land of Gnomes; and yes, of course he can steal more, regardless of whether or not he spends time in a Thai jail.....

Unless you are suggesting Thailand implement Sharia law and cut off his hands??


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1 hour ago, sambum said:

 "The trouble with going abroad is that it's full of bloody foreigners" (Alf Garnett!)

Not different to any developed countries novadays….….

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On 1/19/2019 at 11:55 AM, billsmart said:

I would say a 300-day overstay does warrant deportation.

Just being accused of theft does not, however. If you admit to theft or are found guilty, then yes, that warrants it too.

But not after a year in The Bangkok Hilton Prison.  Then deport and ban for 10 years, or life.

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On 1/19/2019 at 4:50 PM, Jonathan Swift said:

Yep. And given the kind of immigration police they sent to check up on my residency, see photo, I'm gonna make sure I'm as suspicious looking as necessary to garner more of this lady's attention.


Wouldn't oppose getting frisked myself 👮‍♀️

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Amazing what makes the top news here. With the video evidence and the apparent overstay, the course of action is quite clear, unsurprising. 

Other countries might consider the theft to be petty and would not even prosecute, depending on total value of stolen items. The overstay is clear and easily dealt with.  Regardless, nothing "fishy" here. 

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On 1/19/2019 at 8:35 PM, BurgerGung said:

Swiss? I heard they get more than 50,000 THB on the dole back home. What was he doing over here'? Lured by cheap drugs?

you need more than 50,000 to stay here FIY.  currently the requirement is 65.000 baht per month income.  i am from the States and it's so boring compared to LOS and Asia in general.  same with the EU.  tried both.

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