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BANGKOK 17 February 2019 23:42

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Last night the company in the USA emailed me and told me the bank had not received anything even though Deemoney showed payment complete. 


I finally asked her (USA company) to give me the account number and routing number (third time)- she didn't want to.  The company had changed accounts and their account number and routing number was different although the bank was the same.  Don't know why the routing number would change because the bank is the same but it did.  


I added the correct account and routing number to my LINE conversation with Deemoney and am waiting to see if they can get my money out of limbo and into the correct account and how long that will take. 


The American woman apologized and said she didn't realize I didn't have the new account number.  Why I don't know as I sent her the account number I was using 3 times. 


I will also call Deemoney today to see if they can reference their LINE account conversation.

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Apparently the first time I entered the account number my phone app or I dropped the last digit and that was the first account Deemoney sent the money to and sent me confirmation.  But it must have got kicked back to them as a wrong number.  They called me and asked me to open a line account for communication which I did and re entered the account I had for my bill in the States (not knowing the American company had changed accounts but stayed with the same bank). 


I then emailed the bookkeeper in USA and she emailed me back saying I had an old account number but the bank had no record of the money going to the old account (because it was the wrong number). 


I finally got the correct account number and gave this information to Deemoney via LINE app.  They wanted proof (photo) of the bank account in the USA.  I sincerely asked them to expedite as there is a 12 hour time difference and they don't work at night - charge me whatever but I need to transfer the money.


They said OK and it would take 3 to 5 days.  


I have learned to check the numbers entered in the Deemoney app again after entry.  Go back and open and look again.  Check account numbers before transfer because the name of the company is not cross referenced with the number and not automatically kicked out.  Another words Deemoney needs a accurate number because wrong ones are accepted and not automatically stopped so double check before entry.  


Last night at 11PM when I was doing all this this my post paid phone and pre paid phone would not make long distance calls and my SCB easy money account stopped working.  The phones started working after 5 tries and the SCB account was OK this morning.  I was beginning to think i was jinxed.   

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