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BANGKOK 24 February 2019 05:03

Prawit to feed sticky rice to Chinese at 'Record-breaking' feast

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13 hours ago, Artisi said:

News Flash from the PM's office, unfortunately the eat-a-thon has been rescheduled as it clashes with an important up coming event (it just slipped our mind) and a second possible, maybe, could happen, not so important national election. However, we really truly promise it will be arranged after reviewing all likely scenarios ensuring everything is in our favour, that's the eat-a-thon, we are still striving to organise the other lesser important event. 

Maybe TAT should have those chinese tourists 'vote' to choose a day by themselves, although, for some reason, there seems to be some basic issue with everything around the words 'vote' and 'election' in this country in more recent years, LOL!

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Well this will surely bring back the tourist! 

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