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Good teaching jobs in Myanmar (for disillusioned Thai teachers!)

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Its the visa issues that are the problem for me and the border runs.

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Originally, I believe theyd posted age requirements which is ironic because the school seems desperate for teacher's. I'd checked the reviews on a professional teachers forum and they weren't good. It's basically the sos here in many schools. The reviews definitely pointed to shared living conditions in not so nice accommodations as issues. Everyone seemed to have an issue with the principal and lasted a year at best. I notice you've moved on as well. The school looks nice and full of potential but all it takes is bad management.


The package isn't great and visa runs ridiculous but it's just occurred to me it doesn't appear they pay for visa runs. Further, this is illegal teaching whether authorities in this woke country turn a blind eye to jump start education, I don't know but it's a police state. Finally, I'd read that they lord over your personal behavior and you're essentially given code of conduct outside the school.


The money is not great for what they ask. I bothered to send a resume AND cover asking for 2800. Of course, they baulked but if they want good people to stay it's going to take that. Obviously the school is bleeding teachers. I really dislike all the complicated angles to arrive at salary especially because it's my decision as well. But the management reviews put me off completely.


In the end for me it was just another shonky job on Craigslist.


If you're making 55-65 here you need to think about this. Surely 2300 is nothing especially the additional costs of living in Myanmar, group housing for grown adults and oop airfare visa runs.


I'll stay and take the 55-65++

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