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BANGKOK 16 February 2019 06:01

Buying House in Wife Name - Any OTHER protections?

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@cornishcarlos Which land office have you been going to that does not make you sign said document?


@janclaes47 The contact could be worded as such that its not criminalizing myself.

Overall I think that if the land office makes me sign that the money is my wife's -- so why not be smart and just make another contract as well? Between my wife and I? Which simply says that once the house is ever sold, monies will be due from her to me.


I am not contradicting anything, just very simple contract that says: wife will owe me money from house proceeds upon eventual sale. I am not stating that the money came from me.  It is very, very simple.

So I would be surprised if this couldn't work or would not be enforceable? It sound almost too simple...


But anyone can make a contract between people that is enforceable. No?



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Contracts between husband and wife can be voided by either party at any time.


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