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Power tool brand for decent quality great price


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8 hours ago, cheeryble said:

The finish I want is not the "brown matt paint" type which is often used for wooden houses.
Rather I want something with more of a soft lacquer look.
It’s for open wardrobe shelving and maybe drawers, and should match these doors furniture and posts

Those examples look like veneers, rather than varnished timber.

Just google 'images of wood veneers in Thailand', lots of choices.


A friend recently had a new kitchen fitted, hand made, English style. Everything was plywood and covered in a veneer of his choice.

If your using a darker veneer, you'll get a whitish edge on the cuts, which shows along the edges.

Use dark brown boot polish on a cloth to rub along the edges after trimming.

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On 1/21/2019 at 10:50 PM, Tanoshi said:

If your using a darker veneer, you'll get a whitish edge on the cuts, which shows along the edges.

Or you can get the corners properly mitred and avoid seeing the substrate rather than the butt joints that are easier to do.

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5 minutes ago, sometimewoodworker said:

Or you can get the corners mitred and avoid seeing the substrate rather than the butt joints that are easier to do.

Happily if i use blackboard or ply whose edges may look a bit grotty unless filled, rubbed down and coloured, the sides an back will be not visible, only the top and bottom which will have good finish to take stain same as doors I showed and the front, visible edge will be trimmed with half dowel or whatever and also take colour well.

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No end to "inexpensive" power tools in Thailand. Repairs can be a challenge on the fake names. Maktec are made in the same factory as Makita tools. Same Makita Tool company, different components in the Maktec tools. If an expat was looking to buy a proper set of genuine Milwaukee 18 volt tools with three long lasting batteries it is worth looking for the set on sale in 2019 in Thailand. This cordless power tool set I viewed in Buriram includes two 18 volt 5ah batteries and one 18 volt 12ah battery. This is not something you would see at Global House or Thaiwatadu. The cordless tool set is priced less than my daughter's last Huawei  mobile phone. The Milwaukee Tools will last twenty years longer than that mobile phone. 

Milwaukee 18 volt three tool set Buriram Thailand.jpg

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So far my Milwaukee 18 volt batteries have worked fine in a garden blower that my wife uses daily. I've owned a Makita 18 volt drill for several years and no challenges to the battery. I'll buy the Makita 18 or 36 volt chainsaw on Wednesday in Buriram so my wife can use it in the village for small projects. I'm tempted to get the Makita calking gun when I build another house in Thailand. 

Buriram Isaan Makita  Chain Saw.JPG

Buriram Makita Cordless Calking Gun Tool Delivery.JPG

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Been using a 18v Bosch drill, no fancy stuff on it. Its been launched off a roof onto concrete below 8M at least. Sweated all over it like a rain forest almost everytime I use it. Charged each battery over 100 times I reckon. It has thermal protection on charging the batteries and also if the drill gets too hot. With the two batteries included there is virtually no down time waiting for batteries to charge, and this while putting in bags of fairly large screws. The machine is a work horse.

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In Germany it was Metabo and the Bosch "blue" Industrial series considered the name for DIYers

since I am living in Thailand I bought:

Dewalt Jigsaw

Dewalt Drill

Makita Reciprocating saw

Makita Grinder

Dremel Minitool

Welpro welder   


a Bosch blue series hammer Drill, which gear failed after screwing some Screws into PvC pipes which I find quite poor for a Bosch.

More poor was that SCG didn't take it back after only 5 days or didn't offer any service beside recommended me to buy a Dewalt. I followed this recommendation and bought one (at Thai Watsadu)

The Welpro welder 200A is ok for some little tasks but stops fast if used longer.


All other machines do perform great especially the Makita Grinder which I continuously overused this spring building an aquaponics backyard system for my wife's hobby.

Also the Jigsaw for cutting plywood and pipes

and Drill from Dewalt was well challenged mixing 120 ltr Polyester Resin, it went smoking hot but still does its job with full torque..  



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