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Canadian man and Thai accomplice arrested in Thai-Australian drug bust

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Two arrested in crackdown on transnational drug ring

By Kornkamon Aksorndech 
The Nation




A Canadian man and his Thai male accomplice have been arrested in a joint operation to crack down on a transnational drug trafficking ring that tried to smuggle heroin hidden in automobile shock absorbers into Australia, Niyom Termsrisuk secretary-general of the Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB), told a press conference in Bangkok on Sunday.




The suspects – Canadian national Stephens Blair, 38, and Thai man Pahol Siwasirikarun, 27 – were arrested along with 3,740 grams of heroin hidden in eight automobile shock absorbers, one kilogram of marijuana, two ecstasy pills and one gram of cocaine. 




The authorities also seized assets worth Bt7.5 million from the suspects including Bt2.5 million cash, an E300 Coupe Mercedes Benz, a Toyota Camri sedan, a Z1000 Kawasaki motorcycle, an AP Royal Oak wristwatch and a Rolex Oyster S GMT wristwatch.


Niyom said the two suspects’ arrest under the “Taskforce STORM” Thai-Australian joint operation stemmed from a suspicious post package that was rejected and sent back to Thailand on January 17. When Thai officers checked the package, they found eight shock absorbers with 3,740 grams of heroin inside it. They traced the package back to Blair and Pahol, he added.



Taskforce STORM, which includes the ONCB, the Anti-Money Laundering Office, the Department of Special Investigation, the Royal Thai Police and the Australian Federal Police, enables the exchange of intelligence and the joint operation acts against transnational criminals. 




Niyom said the authorities have already identified all the gang members – all of whom were Canadians whose movements were detected in the neighbouring countries in the Golden Triangle from where the heroin reportedly originated. Officials are gathering more evidence and corodinating with related officers to make more arrests.










Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30362580



-- © Copyright The Nation 2019-01-21


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4 minutes ago, Aussie999 said:

Detected by the Aussies, when entering Australia, but not detected by Thailand, when leaving, maybe shock absorbers are sent every day, from Thailand, what ever it is, once again we see with no help from foreign countries, Thailand would not get these people, whether drugs child porn or slavery.

When I worked in industry here, shock absorbers were sent from Australia for fitting to the vehicles in Thailand.

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Well done to the Aussie's, no doubt they will have their eyes on the intended recipient, if he/she hasn't already been nabbed.


Doing it this way, i.e. "return to sender" stops the source for future packages as apart from arresting the recipient.


This is up there for thinking, suffice to say the Thai's might learn a thing or too, but if I was one of the top ranking brass in this field, I would be asking questions and investigating how these two boxes went through undetected, but then again, we are in the LOS, were anything can happen right 🙂


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As a long time advocate for the legalization of the plant of peace with all its medicinal properties, I'm sorry for your loss.

As for all the other s**t

You were peddling,if you play with the devil then expect to accompany him to his abode of hell.

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