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Thanks for nothing! Play money left in funeral donations


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Thanks for nothing! Play money left in funeral donations



Picture: Kapook


A daughter who had just cremated her mother was left wondering about human nature after she found kid's play money in donation envelopes. 


La-ong Yimnian, 61, opened three of the envelopes from guests and found 1000 baht play money in two and 500 in another. 


Names and the temple in Ang Thong were written on two envelopes. 


She wondered about the motivation of someone who would do such a thing, reported Kapook. 


It was someone very mean spirited or perhaps was the result of someone who replaced real money with the toy cash, she suggested. 


Either way she called on people not to do such a despicable thing. It was OK to go to a funeral and not donate money but this was just terrible, she said. 


Her mum had died of old age and the funeral was held in Tha Chang sub district of Wiset Chai Chan district in the central Thai province at the weekend. 


Source: Kapook




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