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BANGKOK 17 February 2019 04:46

Have you had an inguinal hernia operation, in Thailand or elswhere?

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I've had an inguinal hernia for about 1.5 years.

I used to only notice it about 5% or less of the time so it had no real effect on my quality of life.


I'm noticing it more now.

I realize getting the operation prevents the rare condition of a strangulated hernia which is extremely dangerous.


However, there have been a lot of issues recently with the mesh used causing problems, e.g.:




And in Europe currently the medical advice I see frequently is similar to this:


"4. Eligibility criteria

For asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic hernias, a watchful
waiting approach, under informed consent, is advocated

Surgical treatment should only be offered when one of the following criteria is
symptoms  of  pain  or  discomfort  that  interfere  with  activities  of  daily  living,
the hernia is difficult or impossible to reduce,
it is an Inguino-scrotal hernia,
the hernia increases in size month on month."


http://www.westnorfolkccg.nhs.uk/sites/default/files/pdf/WN-2017-0161a - Hernia.pdf


(I realize that the above is Britain's National Health Service info, so some may argue they are advocating watchful waiting rather than an operation to save the government money).


I'm in the US currently, and deciding if I want to get it operated on here, or continue the "watchful waiting" unless one of those conditions arises, and if so, get it done in Thailand where I will be living.


So I'm eager to hear of experiences of those who have had this laparoscopic operation - mainly -

no problems afterward?


Did you have it done in Thailand?


Have a surgeon and/or hospital in Thailand/Asia you recommend?


The cost?


Thank you.






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Had mine done both sides in Uk about ten years ago. Doctor did not recommend the triangular mesh method, and instead used a method whereby once the hernia protrusion is pushed back inside, a shuttlecock shaped mesh plug is inserted into the hole. 

Has a lower failure rate, and lower risk of problems with stitches tearing. In fact he gave me a guarantee that he would redo for free if any problems.


You can find more info on web. Just google inguinal hernia and shuttlecock mesh plug.

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If you have health cover in the US, do it there rather than Thailand -- laparoscopic approach is often unavailable in government hospitals and will cost >250K in a private hospital.

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I had mine repaired using the mesh method (one side). No problem. Local anesthesia. About 50-60 K Bahts 10 years ago at Thai Nakarin Hospital in Bangkok 

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I had bi-lateral inguinal hernias discovered by ultrasound last year.


My surgeon decided one was clinical the other was not.


I suggested a laparoscopic bi-lateral operation to get them both sorted at the same time.


My surgeon was emphatic.


No need to unnecessarily subject me to the risk of a longer operation for a hernia that might never be a problem.


Also the laparoscopic path can cause more complications than necessary for such simple open surgery with no real gain.


The surgeon must perform the operation remotely using a virtual image on a tv screen.


This is technically difficult and the operation takes 50% longer than open surgery.


I had mine successfully done by open day surgery with mesh in the West. Cost was about $5000 though I had medical cover.


Still get twinges of temporary pain when I over lift a year later.


Refer attached comparison of both methods.


Laparoscopic vs Open Incisional Hernia Repair

A Randomized Clinical Trial



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