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British expat says error on Thai Airways website resulted in 80,000THB of extra charges, then airline refused to refund

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maybe TA owns that other airline?

 -  that made the Business class cheap seat ticket mistake? - and are stealthily clawing it back?

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It amazes me how airways cannot see plane, "excuse the pun", common sense.


I remember over a decade ago there was a glitch with trying to book a flight with Jetstar, who is owned by Qantas, so there I was trying to book my flight to Phuket who I had always flown with to Phuket as they were a direct 9 hour flight. I couldn't get on, like I said there was a glitch on their website so I rang them and they said no problem we can do the booking here, so away we went, then I noticed on my statement that they charged me $60 to book my ticket.


I rang them and said, I told you guys that the system was down and you said no problem can book through us, and I did, at no time was I advised I would be charged $60 and the guy asked did you tell the operator, der, that's the 1st thing I did, oh, he or she must have forgot to waiver the booking fee, der, ok so can you fix it, oh no sir you will have to write to Jetstar who will investigate and if the system was down will refund you, suffice to say I wrote to them, I tried calling, but you could never get through, so I wrote the another letter a month later and I got a reply a month later advising that they have a backlog of mail to get through and would reply to me in about 2 months. I never received a reply and had not used the airline for over a decade, sometimes flying to Thailand twice a year, minimum was once a year.


The maths of the $60 they took from me, compared to the losses they made with me not flying with them for a decade was sufficient enough for me to be satisfy that they lost more than the $60 that they took from me.


I flew with them last year as their special fare for me, the wife and the kids was dirt cheap, and I have rebooked to fly with them again this year as the fares again were dirt cheap, so you could say I have forgiven them, i.e. until they <deleted> up again...lol 

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These sort of responses offered with false authority really irk me, because they offer a solution that isn't necessarily there.

6 minutes ago, billd766 said:

Go back to the CC company and explain it to them. They should be able to sort it out.

Why? The obligation is on the card holder to show that the  transaction is wrong. The CC will not "sort" it out.


5 minutes ago, phuketrichard said:

The credit card company will refund it and fine thai airlines

No they won't. TG generates  significant transactions for the banking groups and cc pools. Do you really believe that they can just "fine" a state controlled multi national? Seriously? If a CC tries to strongarm the Thai state it will find itself at a disadvantage, quickly. The obligation is on the customer to prove the error and so far there is no written evidence, just  verbal allegations of wrongdoing.


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