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ATX - my journeys and photos in Thailand

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I went to an old post , page 3 or 4 here ,  : Assurancetourix and what I see..., but I cannot continue to post photos on it , so I have to open a new one .


Last Friday I went to Nong Khai, border of Mekong and Thailand; 

Vientiane , capital of Lao  is at 22 km - 13,7 miles - from Nong Khai












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The day after I went to Phu Prabat Historical Park;

it's in Udon Thani province,




Entrance fee : 20 baht for thai people and farang with their pink ID ;

Thai driving license is not accepted  so it's 100 baht 


See here on TV about pink ID for foreigners




As we say in french, : " ca ne casse pas trois pattes a un canard " ( It's nothing to write home about ) but we can go there once and say : i went there :tongue:














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When you are on road 4039, it's a secondary road in Sakon Nakhon province, not far from Sawang Daen Din;

Going to ban Tha Sila ;

arriving in Tha Sila  you can see this rd signboard 




Straight on ..for only 200 meters but no left sign at the intersection... You have to guess ..:crazy:


So left side and road 2040 to the second village ;

at the end of this village , you have a " papa's & mama's shop ";

take the concrete road on your left and go on for about 2 km, maybe 3 :tongue:;

when you see this other rd sign , turn right with your motorbike or your MTBike;

impossible to go there with a pickup even it's a 4x4 ..




and after ...we must still guess; haphazard luck as we say in french ..


But there is another  track  like this one ...


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The name of what I'm looking for is 

Pha Pak Wan paints ...




So, today, I was trying the second track .....and I found The historical Paintings Pha Phawan in the middle of nowhere ;

have a look at the track where you can ride with a motorbike or a MTBike







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