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BANGKOK 24 March 2019 01:31
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Saraburi head lice crisis! 2,300 cases found in nine tambons

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Saraburi head lice crisis! 2,300 cases found in nine tambons



Picture: Sanook


Education and health chiefs in Saraburi have started a campaign to eradicate head lice after 2,300 students in nine sub-districts were found to be infected. 


Five thousand pupils were checked with 90% of girls in some areas infected. 


Phraphuttabaht district chief Pratchaya Pepatang is spearheading the drive - called "Kick Off - as the situation has got out of control and is affecting concentration levels in class, reported Sanook. 


A meeting was held at one school to decide the way forward and what shampoo was best to eradicate the critters and their eggs. 


Thaivisa notes there is some good news - schools who experience head lice among pupils often state to embarrassed parents that it is a "known fact" that head lice prefer clean hair. 


Source: Sanook




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-01-22
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