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Video: "Sleepy" Thai driver puts the car in cruise control as he takes a nap


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Our car has radar cruse control and lane assist... 


Theoretically you can just follow the car in front and not touch the steering wheel and it will stay in our lane (turning as required)... However, the car gives us a '[email protected]!!ocking' if it notices our hands are off the steering wheel for more than 10 seconds... 


Additionally the radar cruse control only works above 30kmh... thus is no good in stop start traffic. 


These are safety measures and not 'automated driving' measures... 



Even if this is a prank - this driver was driving without attention and could have easily caused an accident and hurt someone - a definite case for  'Attitude re-adjustment' !

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6 hours ago, kannot said:

Maybe Nick  Nack was driving................anyway apparently theres a  Dwarf  Shortage

This biopic looks like it should be good - the man Roger Moore called "a diseased sex maniac with unnatural lusts" after their experiences filming in Thailand and the Far East for the 1974 film.



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Something very odd about this video, car windows are down on both sides, which means the air-con is ineffective (something Thais never do) 

Video is shot from both sides of the car, so it managed to change lanes on it's own, as one shot shows it in the outside lane against the central reservation.?

The car is traveling at a fair speed, it would have to have been steered to stay correct. For the length of the video I suspect this is a put-up job !!

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