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BANGKOK 20 March 2019 09:49

Second visa for Thai gf to the uk

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16 hours ago, theoldgit said:

Hardly cryptic, as you say a number of our fellow countrymen have decided that they no longer want the unfettered right to travel, work and live in the EU and voted to remove those rights, that vote of course also affects our spouses.

So yes, when we are no longer members of the EU, I suspect that our spouses will be treated like any other applicant from a non EU country, and will need to provide the required evidence with their application.



So what did you actually mean when you said  "But that may well return in the near future." regarding  my comment "The EU removed the paperwork for the spouse of an EU citizen"


It is fairly obvious that if a spouse ceases to be the spouse of an EU citizen then the paperwork in respect of the spouse of a non EU citizen would apply.

Bottom line, your cryptic comment meant nothing and wasted both our time.


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