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BANGKOK 21 July 2019 13:22

U.S. Social Security International Direct Deposit (IDD) Update

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1 minute ago, Sheryl said:



Not my experience, unless you mean by "get it done" - get it done wrong such that you will not receive benefits, and then fail to fix it for 6 months on end, and ignore all emails.


Maybe I have an unusually bad rep in Manila.


They made a type entering my bank details and it took half a year and countless emails and phone calls to get them to fix it. Personally I would not send them anything if there is an option of sending it elsewhere.



Unfortunately you must have a bad rep. I always first send e-mail to the rep directly with information and date of previous requests. Then I send a request for follow up to their general e-mail. Usually about two weeks apart, It appears that my rep doesn't like to get follow up referrals so she acts. I'm always assertive and never aggressive and it seems to work. I received notice yesterday from Baltimore that the IDD was being processed. The rep said I'd get a written response from the main office. It took about 4 months to change address and start IDD. 

I share with you frustration because of the slowness.  When I was working in the US long delays even with the federal government were never tolerated. We were expected to produce accurate and timely results. It was even tracked on the computer and reported through our quality assurance processes.  Customer service paramount. I know about customer service and my wife retired from Nordstrom's. 

How would it be if you as a nurse left a procedure incomplete and went home or to lunch? I'm also a medical professional and expect things to be done on time and done correctly. Therefore we (medical professionals) have no place for slow or incomplete actions. Sorry, I didn't want to get on my high horse. 

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My rep is beyond terrible and nothing seems to get her to act.

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