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Beautiful Country Living in Thailand

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I lived in Bangkok for thirty years and before that in the suburbs of a university town and then in Hawaii on the windward coast.  I used to debate with a cousin of mine about whether it was better to

Cycling and hiking are favorites.    

Even rice fields can be beautiful.        

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4 minutes ago, HuskerDo said:

Indeed these are incredible photos. Are any of the lizards poisonous in any way (i.e. bacterial infection due to a bite).

The lizards seem harmless and they are difficult to get near enough for them to bite.

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16 hours ago, CharlieH said:

a stark contrast to the negativity

You mean normal honest families living in the real world that aren't millionaires or retirees just trying to live their lives but get shafted by immigration or their employers at every turn?

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2 minutes ago, HuskerDo said:

I could not disagree any more with you VF. I think many folks that have seen these photos today will agree that you are indeed an excellent photographer.  🙂


Again, thank you for sharing.

I am perhaps more observant and aware of my surroundings than some and I almost always have my iPhone in my pocket to snap what I see.  Again, thank you for your kind words.🙏

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28 minutes ago, MJKT2014 said:

The photos are absolutely stunning. Surely not with an iPhone tho - please share some tips how you did that?

I have had a few compact cameras in the past but now I use my iPhone exclusively.  I have never been one to go on photoshoots with the sole purpose to take pictures.  I like to go places and do things and if something catches my eye I take a picture.  That is why the iPhone is so great, I have it with me so it is easy.

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