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Mono filament verses braid

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Last year I went to the new Bungsamran and my Shimano 8000 with 40lb mono filament wasn't up to it. A few times I was down to the knot tied to the spool and eventually lost all the line. The guide loaded braid. Now I know braid wont take any kind of abrasion so I got a Shimano 12000 and put 50lb line on it for Bungsamran with the intention of using lighter mono filament on the 8000 for sea fishing.

I went out to do some sea fishing with a Thai sports fisherman who advised switching to braid. I am guessing since you would have a a mono filament leader then braid is ok with coral and rocks.

Wonder what other people use for sea fishing?

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Most use braid in BSR some with a mono shock lead. It works ok unless there is wind. Then mono is better. So having 2 spools of line is useful, just buy an extra spool so you can switch. Though I used 50 LB mono usually but its a bit hard to use that on spinning as they don't have much capacity.


I have multiple reels and just select what i want depending on the wind. More wind id prefer mono as it does not float all over the place.


For sea fishing many advise to use braid too, and yes just a mono leader and your done. Braid just registers bites better as there is zero stretch.

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I have like 4-5 reels that I use for Bungsamran, depending on the conditions and which part of the park Im fishing from: Private Bungalow or Community Pier. 


If I’m fishing from the private bungalow, i use the reel (Penn Fathom 30 Lever Drag) with 60lb braid and 10m topshot of 90lb mono. Keep in mind that a lot of times, the fish will bring the fight straight down under the pier, and this is where the 90lb braid really comes into play. The chances of you and another fisherman getting tangled up is less when fishing from a private bungalow, but it does happen unfortunately. 


When fishing from the community pier, I use 80lb braid backing and fill the rest up with 60lb mono on a Penn  Torque 25N. I fill the braid up to the first line then after that its all mono. Never been spooled yet, and most of the time the braid doesnt show at all. Its better to use a lot of mono in the community pier since it makes the innevitable tangles easier to untangle. 

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