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BANGKOK 23 March 2019 18:09
no deal

medical marijuana

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7 hours ago, Sheryl said:

I think there will be considerable differences. Very specific products for specific medical conditions are under discussion. Many of them may be cannabis oil based only with no "high" as a side effect.  The government is not going to simply legalize joints.


Profits are indeed driving this and they are very much looking at the export market.


yeah...there was a lot of discussion about 'patents' maybe in reference to cannabinol/THC derivatives for different medical applications...I always thought that medical marijuana was a subterfuge for high quality recreational dope and that if some folks obtained a medicinal benefit then OK...and it is true that ingesting THC and derivatives can be helpful for a lot of folks that couldn't be effectively treated otherwise...


I just wish that folks could investigate pharma quality LSD in the same way for a medicinal benefit as it's been claimed many years ago that there is a definite potential for treatment of various addiction and psychological disorders...clinical depression and acute alcoholism come to mind...both of which can be lethal...



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