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Re-Entry permit

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What are the full complete requirements to go to immigration with TM8 form these days?

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1.  TM 8 - completed and signed. You can obtain the form from the Thai Immigration website:  https://www.immigration.go.th/download/  (the TM8 form is #15 in that list).  Neatly print your telephone and just below your signature.  Paste/glue your photo over the photo box area on the form  (4cm x 6cm....which is not the size of the box on the form...with a medium blue background although other background colors have been accepted at times).

2.  Photocopies from passport (all photocopies must be signed):

            a.  Photo/Identification Page

            b.  Current visa (or extension) page

            c.  Entry date page

            d.  Departure (TM6) card

3.  Original passport. 

4.  Fees:  1000 baht for a single and 3,800 baht for a multiple.


Sign the copies with blue ink.  And there was one report (and conflicting reports) that a copy of your TM30 Receipt of Notification was required so best to take along a copy.

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Thank you very much Bob. Didn't open Thai Visa on laptop anymore. Totally forgot. Sorry late reply.

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